Over the last few months we’ve been looking at ways to offer our Foodbank clients a wider service, other than just the supply of food.

In the space of just a year, we’re seeing more people than ever before coming to us who are struggling with wider issues such as debt problems and mental health issues.

It’s an exciting time for us as we are just about to partner with ‘Christians Against Poverty’ with Jane Libretto being appointed to support our Foodbank clients to get the necessary financial support and advice that they need. Jane will work 16 hours per week supporting our Foodbank clients.

Peter Green has been pioneering the project for Bude and other churches across the area will be partnering with us on this project. We have also recently benefited from some funding to help us part-fund the project which will run initially for 2 years.

Peter and Jane were interviewed during our Sundays @10am service last week and a link to the service can be found here. If you want to hear the interview, fast forward to 36 mins 46 secs.

If you would like to financially support this project please contact hello@oceanschurch.org.uk