We are a relaxed church on the beautiful Cornish coastline of Bude, committed to a real and contemporary expression of faith in Jesus, a church that loves and accepts everyone.

Want to know what Oceans church looks like?

Things have changed a bit since Covid-19 and you will need to book to join our services and information can be found on our events page with future meeting information.

Previously, when you arrived at The Venue, Bude’s bowling and soft play facility, you would have simply needed to head up to the first floor where you would have been welcomed at the door. Walk into our big auditorium and pick up a tea, latte or soft drink and relax. We started with some contemporary worship music, and after a few announcements, there would have been a relevant bible-based talk. The whole thing used to last no more than 1.5 hours.

We really want you to feel at home here and enjoy yourself, whether you’re a local or taking a holiday in the area. We used to meet pre-covid at 10:30am – Cornish time! Which means we usually started a few minutes after that (dreckly as we say down here)! Our new programme from September 2020 can be found on our events page.

United LIVE (join us every Sunday)

With the return of lockdown during November, we’ll be streaming LIVE each Sunday morning at 10am and you’re welcome to join us. We’ll have worship with our own Oceans Band, some testimonies and a talk. You can watch our service right here on the home page of our website, on our Facebook or Youtube pages. Whichever way you choose to connect, we’re super pleased that you’re with us!

Missed our Sunday services? Why not catch up and watch a few of our recent services:

United LIVE – Sunday 22 November 2020

United LIVE – Sunday 15 November 2020

United LIVE – Sunday 8 November 2020

We’ve also been streaming online services for our young people. United Youth is streamed each Sunday morning at 11am.

Catch up with some of our recent services right here.

United Youth – Sunday 15 November 2020

United Youth Sunday 8 November 2020

Watch Pastor Steve as he preaches at our recent Sundays @9 service on Sunday 25th October before we went into lockdown:

Crazy Love

With lockdown having resumed, here are a few recent services we streamed online for you to enjoy:

Watch our recent services here (Sunday 25th October).

Crazy Love (Sunday 18th October 2020).


We believe we were made to worship God. At Oceans,a big part of our time together is spending it worshiping God through music.


Each Sunday and during the week, we used to run a full tots, kids and youth programme to keep your younger ones engaged and nurtured. Our younger ones are a big part of our church community. We’re hoping to start our programme again as soon as we can once restrictions are lifted.


Reaching out to our local community and loving them is what we believe we are called to do. One of the projects we run is the Bude Foodbank, helping those in financial need.