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Back into the Swing of Life in PNG

Never been away?
In many ways  it feels like we have slotted straight back into life here in PNG as if we had never been away. Perhaps this is due to being in daily contact with Daves work and staff all through our time in Australia. However Caroline is having a few challenges re-learning the Tok Pisin language. Our bodies are also re-adjusting to the challenges of living in a ‘third world country’ as we have had a severe tummy bug throughout January.

New Year & New Staff

Despite the severe lockdowns in many countries due to covid, all the new and returning staff due to arrive in January made it to PNG despite many challenges, paperwork, covid tests and changes in route. They are now in two weeks quarantine, then the new staff have six weeks orientation and language lessons before Joining David’s Property and Vehicle Maintenance (PVM) team, one as his Deputy and one as Project Lead. We are excited over their arrival as David will be able to begin more strategic planning and senior management problem solving as others take on the day to day breakdowns and refurbishments. Meet the two of them and their families below.
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